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Today’s generation is well matured and inborn talented. They don’t accept anything you serve. Entertainment with teaching makes it easier for them to learn faster. Today’s global world is full of competition and each one of the race has needs to be sound enough for recognition for which he/she would be provided with innovative resources with updation for him/her to flourish to a complete human being. We in BAL VIDYALAYA in consideration with no compromise to standardize the education to international level to execute our effort in moulding and giving a perfect rope to every child making him to be sound enough in owing him self nationally well as international level.

Today, under the aegis of Bal Vidyalaya Madhyamik School regarded as centers of educational excellence globally. The school philosophy is based on a set of strongly held beliefs which is put into action everyday by every member of the institution. It’s a philosophy of treating each child in a sensitive manner and providing appropriate developmental programmes so as to encourage not just learning but also the love of learning. It is also based on providing an environment that is safe, clean, healthy and child-oriented. An environment where classrooms are arranged in a manner that it offers challenging play and learning choices at a range of developmental levels. Activity areas are designed where children are allowed to explore, experience, and most importantly, succeed.

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Inspirational Quotes

“Listen to your teachers when they tell you WHAT to do. But more importantly, think about it later and ask yourself WHY they told you to do it."


"In life, NO ONE and NOTHING will help you until you start helping YOURSELF."


"Every problem might not have a solution right now, but don’t forget that but every solution was once a problem."


"It is true that experience is one of life’s best teachers. But if you don’t study you will probably never get any experience in the first place."


"In real life, there is no such thing as second place. Either you are a winner, or you’re not."


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